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Customer verification

  • Customer verification
  • Our verification is fully automated and identifies customers in up to 2 seconds
  • 15% cheaper vs. market average
  • Doesn’t require manual review
  • Allows you to increase conversion rates by reducing customer errors

Financial report

  • Customer verification
  • Customer financial information
  • This gives you the the data to analyse the customer
  • You will receive extended information about customer accounts and transactions
  • Financial report is available for verified customers


  • Customer verification
  • Customer financial information
  • Сredit scoring calculation
  • With our scoring, you can increase the quality of your loan portfolio
  • Our scoring uses a unique technique based on customer transactions and additional parameters
  • Scoring is available for verified customers

Customers expect immediate loan decisions, but inconvenient processes of identification, underwriting and credit risk analysis lead to high customer drop-out rates.

So we automated the customer identification and verification process. Our services help you make decisions on issuing a loan to a customer quickly and effectively.

How can we support your business?
  • Wurmie VERIFICATION lets you identify customers online accurately and securely.
  • Wurmie FINANCIAL REPORT gives you a real-time snapshot of your customer’s financial position using their transaction history.
  • Wurmie SCORING lets you know more about customer's creditworthiness, using algorithms based on the experience of advanced lending platforms and data points of the customer’s true income and transactional history
How it works?
1.	The customer applies on Lender. Lender turns to Wurmie for receiving a report of clients personal and financial data analysis.
                                        2.	Wurmie verifies customer online by extracting personal data from internet banking.
                                        3.	ID data are matched and verified. Our alert system highlights mistakes in customer name, double names or special characters.
                                        4.	Transactional data categorised against pre-defined criteria to generate applicant score
                                        5.	REPORTS ARE GENERATED and sent by API to platforms for decision making

Marketplaces don’t work without trust. Customer trust is crucial for a marketplace’s rating and has significant impact on conversion and profitability.

Wurmie knows how to leverage trust and improve conversion rates through digitalisation. Our service will help increase customer confidence and increase profitability by reducing the number of fraud cases.

How can we support your business?
  • With Wurmie VERIFICATION , you can identify customers online accurately and securely.
  • Customer identification helps reduce financial risk when buying or selling goods and services, and helps to avoid fraud.
  • Our service helps you to raise customer confidence in your platform and as a result to increase conversion and profitability.
How it works?
1. The customer registers on Marketplace site. The Marketplace offers the customer to pass through the Wurmie verification to verify identity.
                                        2.Wurmie verifies customer online by extracting personal data from internet banking.
                                        3.Our alert system highlights mistakes in customer name, double names or special characters.

                                        4.Verification report is sent by API. Marketplace highlights that the customer has been verified and can be trusted
                                        5.Marketplace participants in their turn can see that customer may be trusted, hence the level of conversion increases. It leads to raising the rating of the marketplace.
Innovative tools
Using our innovative tools, we’ve reduced identification times down to 2 seconds and increased the number of identified users by 8% (vs. market benchmarks). Our partners have attested to an easy and adaptive integration process.
Significant cost savings
Our pricing is 15% cheaper vs. market average. And volume-based pricing means the more requests, the lower the pricing we can offer you.
Fully complaint and secure
We care about your data. We are fully-compliant with GDPR, use SSL-certificates and are obtaining an AISP licence under PSD2. Our data centres located in Germany are certified in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001.
Strong and effective support
Wurmie has market-leading error rates of 3% vs. the market average of 9%. We support more than 20 banks in Poland, 24/7. And we provide you a specialist, who helps you at each stage in implementation.

                            1.Frame Wurmie is located on the Partner resource.
                            2.Customers enters his data in the Frame
                            3.Wurmie collects data generates a report and sends it to the Partner APIs
                            4.The partner processes the data assesses the client, assign a trust rating and informs him of the results.


The customer goes to your web site…
…is directled seamlessly to Wurmie (see more)
…and is returned automatically to the initial site.


Wurmie was founded in 2016 by online credit experts. With the advent of new technologies, the credit market began to grow much faster, especially online loans. Market trends mean that customers want to get loans within a few minutes without leaving home. Along with the growth of online credit, companies face an increasing number of fraud cases, along with ... >>

The most reliable customer data are the data stored in the bank, where identity is confirmed by the original documents, and all movements of customer funds are recorded in accounts with the bank. But banks were not ready to provide such information digitally and in a very short time. How could we get customer data quickly from the bank and decide whether to issue a loan? How could we get information about the customer without waiting for bank statements to be verified by the bank?

These questions came to us, and we began to create a tool which provides answers to these questions. Building on own experience in the online credit market and the experience of other leading companies, we created a tool which quickly, safely and efficiently receives customer data from the bank. But we did not stop there, and taught the system to think and analyse.

We developed a flexible parameterisation system for client verification (% match, the availability of specific symbols, double names), multi-level analysis of customer data for transactions to calculate a scoring rate. We created a tool which allows unreliable customers to be filtered out and avoid losses in the credit market.

However, fraud isn’t restricted to the loan market. It’s present in every area of the financial sector. One example is marketplaces, where fraudsters have devised various fraud scheme when buying and selling goods.

Our tools are designed to protect partners and customers from cases of fraud and to minimise risk. In our work we focus on the needs of partners and are able to adapt to your needs. We are always open for dialogue and constantly improving.

The key principles of our service

Stanislaw Stankiewicz
Country Manager

Prior to using Wurmie we used another service, but the cost was prohibitive for our business. I was looking for a product at a cheaper price, but I was concerned at the potential time and conversion requirements of the integration process. However, I need not have worried. It’s a good combination of price and quality.

Thanks to your manager Alex! He is a highly informative guide at every stage of the co-operation with your service.

Among the advantages, I can single out a user-friendly interface and fast client verification (which significantly increased our conversion rate).

The disadvantages? Oops, not found (well, this is so far as the competitors have not found this service)."

Olga Lisetska
Account Manager - PayDayLend Sp. z o.o.

Our business is all about “fast loans”. We noticed our rejection rate increasing at a significant rate due to customer typos. With our turnover, the loss of one client is already a disaster. We were offered the Wurmie “verification” service as a pilot version (and thanks to the special conditions) the result was that we increased the number of verified customers and achieved a high conversion rate.

Sure, we are still in the position where have where to develop, but it’s good start for us. PS: please let us know when you develop new services. Maybe we will find something useful for ourselves.“

Hanna Bachyńska
Director - ProstyKredyt Sp. z o.o.

Thank you guys for your service. Your scoring is just a godsend for our platform!

We were tired of our analyses. Conducting scoring manually each time is the equivalent of driving a “Formula 1” race when you have just received your drivers licence.

That’s why your scoring has greatly simplified our life, because the system always provides an assessment of the user's risk level. As a result, we’ve reduced our losses on “bad loans” and been able to focus on business development and new products."

Marek Dabrowski
Technical Director

I recommend this company wholeheartedly. From the first moment, there have been no problems with support or service. I know what I'm talking about, because we’ve had previous experience with another company which wasn't successful. Wurmie works stably. Up to now we’ve had no complaints from our customers."

Zuzanna Lubinska

My company is just a small fish in a huge ocean of marketplaces. We have to win the trust of customers bit by bit, and you cannot imagine how frustrating fraud cases are for us. It got to the point that clients simply stopped working with us. They wrote negative reviews and we lost customers every day. Fortunately, we got in touch with Wurmie and activated their Verification service. Of course we did not become a giant in the market, but now we are trusted and new customers are not afraid to come to us..."