Wurmie™ identifies and scores loan customers
with the highest accuracy in the industry

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Customers expect immediate loan decisions, but inconvenient identification and underwriting processes lead to high customer drop-out rates.


This is why we have automated the customer identification and verification process.

Using APIs, we can identify customers and analyse their transactional data based on your criteria. And the system uses machine learning so it keeps getting better.

Focus on only the highest-potential customers: with Wurmie™ the process is fast, cheap and efficient.

process with Wurmie
customised to your needs

For the customer, it’s a seamless, 3-step process. They just log in to their online banking as normal.

Our alert system checks the data for inaccuracies, and our analysis engine matches and verifies ID information. Transactional data are categorised against pre-defined criteria to generate an applicant score.

You get an automatic identification and scoring report based on your parameters, saving you underwriting time and expense.